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  •  My real issue? (0+ / 0-)

    I don't like vigilantes, and I think the flimsy arguments used here to justify dirty tricks could just as easily be used by the other side. "ZOMG, we think maybe Obama could perhaps be doing something terrible, let's break in to his campaign offices to find out"

    Kinda reminiscent of a certain Republican President's actions, don't you think?

    I responded to, what, five posts? So I'm stalking? Get your panties untwisted, I'll respond to as many posts as I like. Sorry if that frightens or upsets you.

    Just kidding, not sorry at all.

    I'm not surprised when morons at, say, freerepublic are too much of a bunch of cowards to endure any exposure to anyone that disagrees with them.  But I do find it really disappointing when folks on the left, the people I consider smarter and more open-minded, also start acting like a bunch of second graders hearing a ghost story at camp when anyone dares to disagree.

    Shriek! Help! Stalker!  Shill! ZOMG how can this monster be among us!

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