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View Diary: Romney on Eliminating FEMA: "Absolutely!" (151 comments)

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  •  Actually current system is a partnership (3+ / 0-)

    Chains like Home Depot and WalMart have Emergency Management teams that interface with the FEMA and state/local EMA teams -- private sector plays a crucial role in making available the things people need both before and after. They pre-position generators to get stores reopened quickly, pre-position extra supplies, etc. FEMA doesn't want the government handing out (at taxpayer expense) items, whether drinking water or mops, that people are able to buy if the stores are open and well-supplied.

    But without FEMA (and the National Weather Service), a lot of the coordination would disappear. State and local governments do not want to be doing this on their own -- they (except Mayor Bloomberg) welcome the support from FEMA. If you only face a storm like this once a generation, you'd like to have people by your side who do it all the time.

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