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View Diary: PPP Confirms Late Obama Surge in Swing States (138 comments)

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  •  Thanks for the link, I'd missed that diary (1+ / 0-)
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    and it's funny and so true. I appreciated the laugh, but I've actually stopped finding him funny, and I think the number one cure for Sullivan/Ledge Syndrome is to stop reading his blog. I was a regular reader for the past few years, and he's made me mad before, especially when he calls Obama a "coward" whenever he doesn't go along with Sullivan's fantasies of severe austerity.

    He had a total meltdown because Obama did not push the BS Commission (Bowles-Simpson) recommendations, and called him cowardly. He also called people with a lot of money "the successful" and said that raising their taxes is "punishing the successful" -- which pissed me off a lot. That kind of shit from him was often annoying. But he also posts interesting links and articles... so I'd keep going there, and just rolling my eyes at his more stupid ideas and comments.

    But in this election season, he has gone way too far. He pronounced Obama's "you didn't build that" as fatal to his election too. He's been looking for any reason to jump on the idea of Obama losing. And he has been very, very light and easy in his criticisms of Mittens/Ryan, relative to how he went after McCain and Palin.

    He loathed Sarah Palin and focused daily on her lies and lack of qualifications for the job, and on McCain's craven act in choosing her was disqualifying. Has he said anything remotely like that on Vulture/Voucher? Not that I recall. Certainly not with the relentless focus of the previous election.

    His insane reaction to the debate was the final straw for me. His comments since then have revealed an aspect of racism and sexism to his worldview that is .... disqualifying. He thought for instance the Mittens' answer in the debate on Equal Pay (if we're going to have women in the workplace, they need to go home early to cook dinner, and I had binders full of women in Mass) was a good answer! He heard that and thought, yeah that makes sense! Really? Ok he is sexist, I see it. He's just not someone I want to read his opinion on things anymore. And I'm tired of his excuses that he 'blogs in real time' and therefore cannot be expected to be level headed or reasonable.

    Well, fair enough but then I can be expected to stop reading him or giving a shit what he thinks. His debate analysis in all three cases came down to "who was more dominant" or who was the "alpha male" -- whatever Andrew. His reactionary opinion based on such shallow criteria is not of interest to me, and since he let's his true feelings hang out there, I've realized I just don't like him.

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