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View Diary: A President on the verge of re-election: A pep talk for the troops eight days out! (12 comments)

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    is that, eight days till Election Day, Romney must be sitting there with his strategists, asking how they can buy the GOTV they need to compete with President Obama's forces.  And it's not going to happen.  Romney never built GOTV organizations in spite of all those primaries.  He just overwhelmed the other candidates with negative ads.  And he never had committed supporters who wanted to volunteer for him.  

    So he's outsourced GOTV to the RNC, with incredibly uneven results, including places like Nevada, where factions of the Republican Party are at war, and the organization is pathetic.

    I also love that the old Republican attempt to create the narrative can now be objectively refuted by the realities of early voting numbers.  Some asshat like Sununu can make all the cryptoracist cracks he wants about how the registered voters who lean toward Obama aren't reliable enough to include in Likely Voter models, but we're seeing huge numbers of early voters that Sununu would rather not include.

    And third, I love that that insufferable putz Romney is just about to be relegated to the dustbin of history.

    Nobody puts Baby in a binder!

    by deminva on Mon Oct 29, 2012 at 03:48:54 AM PDT

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