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View Diary: Romney still pushing Jeep-to-China lie (66 comments)

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  •  There's always that question about (2+ / 0-)
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    kovie, sethtriggs

    which of the two major contenders we'd like to drive across the country with.

    I think we'll take President Obama on that one, hands down.

    If Mitt still insists on going, we'll strap him to the roof.

    •  He comes across as a nasty version (4+ / 0-)

      of the Robert DeNiro dad character in the "Meet The" movie series, super-uptight and culturally clueless and desperately afraid of being dominated, a male version of Church Lady. Right out of a 50's social criticism movie, or Mad Men.

      Why nearly half the country is ready, willing and even eager to embrace him is beyond me. Pretty damn creepy if you ask me, in what it says about them.

      "Liberty without virtue would be no blessing to us" - Benjamin Rush, 1777

      by kovie on Mon Oct 29, 2012 at 07:13:07 AM PDT

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