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View Diary: Romney still pushing Jeep-to-China lie (66 comments)

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  •  Chuckles brought it up this morning..... (0+ / 0-)

    as did Chris Jansen...she directly asked that wingnut marcia blakburn of TN is myth romney lied and she just blew off the question however Dave Weigel who was also on jumped all over blackburn blowing off Jansen's direct question and said "yes, he lied".

    did not see morning joke? was it talked about then? it's not done. rather than correct his comment or apologize, myth romney doubled down with the ad thinking people are stupid, however what they did was make sure the story stayed alive a couple of more days. it'll be all over the news today.

    jansen also nailed blackburn that not only were myth romey's comments false, chrysler is adding 1100 Jeep jobs in Detroit and asked blackburn about that ....the sound of crickets was deafening.

    850k workers in OH that work in the auto industry or jobs that are auto industry related. the UAW is making sure their members all over the country know that myth romney lied which means at least a couple million people in the swing states (based on family and friends) will be educated on myth romney's lie.

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