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    agree with the criticisms above and will add another

    The politics make little sense. Why would a Palestinian--the mastermind---end up in IRAQ fighting the Amercans---and then want to engage in terror to show solidaity with Iran after the Israelis attack Iran. Iran does support Hezbollah, but Abu Nazir is not identified as from Lebanon. Too muddled. It is also amusing to me that we never heard Brody's confession in full...the martyr video. Reminds me how we never could read or see bin Laden messages to Americans on msm because they didn't say things like "We attacked you because we hate your freedoms, your women's freedom, your religion," which was what our government was indicating al Qaeda motives were. Without in any way supporting bin Laden's ideal society or his attacks against civilians it is dangerous to ignore the real political aims of al push us out of our role of trying to dominate in the Mideast by supporting pliable local dictators who do our bidding while oppressing their own people.

    Brody is still a potentially interesting character, unless he is totally reverse "brainwashed" and his willingness to target  the VP was totally based on retaliation for drone attacks which killed Abu Nazir's son and not some larger awareness of US policy. The fact that the VP is still around gives me some slight ray of hope that this isn't going to morph into 24 Hours.

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