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View Diary: If you think Mitt Romney's lies and secrets are bad now, just wait (78 comments)

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  •  Psychopathology or just no there there? (3+ / 0-)

    The aggressive lying is so peculiar, I don't know whether the Romney campaign has simply taken the Big Lie to heart as a strategy, or whether it indicates a very, very odd psychopathology in this very odd man.

    As for what we know of Mitt's personal life compared to that of JFK: what personal life? Hasn't he simply lived the life of the Mormon ideal with an ideal wife and five sons (who fought and lied, of course, according to their parents) and become very very rich? If there is no more to him, as a person, than the very shallow picture we have of him, then of course, we can only conclude that there's no there there in Mitt.

    We have caught a few telling glimpses: his bullying the gay boy in high school, his idea of being humorous at home is pushing his sons' faces down into their food and making f*rt jokes.

    The very shallowness of his entire existence disqualifies him because he has no experience of life as the rest of us know it -- it simply escapes him or is beneath his notice (he disdains that 47%).

    Even someone with such limited experience of life could redeem himself had he the ability to think from the point of view of another person, to put himself in their place. Of that Romney has shown himself utterly incapable.

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