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View Diary: CNN Florida: 48/48 Tie - O +7 in Registered Voters (87 comments)

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  •  Plenty of people of color live there too. (1+ / 0-)
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    Not to mention liberal enclaves like Asheville. And all those folks are likely Obama voters. I don't think anyone can say effects of Sandy benefit either side at this point.

    •  Yea, but not as many as Myth supporters (0+ / 0-)

      Obama supporters tend to vote early remember, so not good for myth at all. I an't belieev he had fl in the bag, & it's completely shifted these past 2 weeks. unbelievable.
      I till think Myth will take N, unless raists don't how up beause of bad snowy weather, but Obam seems the likely winner in fl, with a +7 RV reen, that's nuts.
      A +2 or +3 RV to LV but not +7, that' a lie. At least half of those R's will how up, mark my words. You'll see, if it's really that close, & thi is a good poll then Myth loses Fl next week.

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