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    people can choose someone other than Obama - that particular someone would be MUCH worse on the FP front and would kill many, many more civilians were they to get the chance.

    I am no fan of Obama.  He's far to the right of me on a ton of issues and I have a long list of complaints, but Romney would be a disaster for this country.  Disaster.  That's a hard cold reality.  

    I will also note that my assessment of the Romney camp comes in part from personal experience.  Those NeoCons you see on TV - they are as nuts, scared and knee-jerk in real life as they appear to be on TV.  It is not an act for effect.  It is real and it is irrational - and really fucking dangerous.

    I don't want to spend my life holding people accountable for senseless killings, I'd much rather prevent the killings.  Holding Obama accountable at this moment in history could easily result in MORE killings if it gave advantage to Romney and his insane NeoCon team.

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