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  •  Yup. Third-Party votes are legitimate. (0+ / 0-)

    I'm really disappointed that Al Gore couldn't convince enough Nader voters to switch (or at least enough to make up for Republican cheating in Florida.)  But he just wasn't a good enough candidate to do it.  

    A vote for Johnson or Stein might be a vote for them as candidates, or it might be a vote for the parties or principles they represent.  (I've had years where I've voted enthusiastically for the Libertarian candidate, and other years where I've voted enthusiastically for the party even though our candidate was below average :-)  

    Since I now live in solidly Democratic California, there's no question about whether or not voting for a candidate I like is "wasting my vote"; Obama's going to win the state, and my Congressional and legislature districts will also be Democrat.  Back in 1984, I held my nose and voted for Mondale, because he was the best the Democrats could scrape up to run against Reagan, and he scarcely got more votes than the Libertarians did (ok, he probably got 50-100x as many votes, for all the good it did him, but my vote just encouraged the Dems to pick the equally exciting Michael Dukakis to run against Bush.)

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