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  •  Fascinated by the national numbers (0+ / 0-)

    And a bit horrified too.  

    I'm curious as to what is keeping Romney afloat nationally.  Rand, for example, rotates each day through a different graphical crosstab, and has recently shown numbers showing that a) the people who skewed in Romney's direction after the first debate were disproportionately women and disproportionately over $100,000 a year in income, and b) the Romney trend among other groups from late September to mid-October appears to have been more gradual, less large, and beginning with the Fox spin about Benghazi.

    So I'm going with the idea that a subset of comfortably middle-class swing voters who aren't paying that much attention to the election were being spun away for a few weeks, while upper-income women saw Obama's appearance and demeanor during the first debate and were shocked, and haven't yet gotten over it.  While the swing state voters fall into a completely different category, of people who have been forced, against their will, by large volume of advertising and phone contacts, to become high(er) information voters.  And their mind was made up well before the debate or the consulate attack.

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