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View Diary: Chris Christie tells Fox News - No Photo-op for Romney in NJ (video) (272 comments)

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  •  Maybe this is how its supposed to play out? (1+ / 0-)
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    I mean, look - Republicans were not high on Romney to begin with. So the RNC comes around and Christie is front and center with the Key Note Address and he doesn't mention Romney more than what, 6 times? So, Christie probably doesn't like the guy and it showed when he gave the Address. He's probably been a good soldier and campaigned for him, but probably doesn't personally like him.

    Roll now to this weather catastrophe in his home state. He, quite reasonably, has other and better things to do - that would affect him personally and politically. So you get a guy like Mitt Romney who wants to go on the post-storm photo op tour with Christie for which Christie promptly tells him to go eff off.

    I absolutely think Christie has his state's best interests at heart but is also pretty keen and smart politically. And don't taint yourself with having Romney come into NJ and try to look presidential when this is something that you're trying to do for 2016.

    Maybe we're seeing a gradual swing back to the norm prior to the first debate? Maybe people are now seeing too much of Romney and now they are saying, "uh, ok - maybe you are a bit of a jack*ss." I hope so.

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