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View Diary: Romney lines everybody up to give him stuff the Red Cross says it doesn't want (233 comments)

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    My daughter who has done a decade of service with UNICEF did a few school canned food drives and found them to be absolutely worthless.   People hand out their useless, expired shit.  Plus it takes WEEKS for the teens to sort through all that crap and the "food drives" result in nothing but a drive to the dump.  

    Money is easier and faster to move.  

    Money and Muscle is needed.  Money for donations and Muscle to make shit happen.  

    My daughter does work with UNICEF and helps out in the Meals on Wheels kitchens.  She's the Money and the Muscle.

    Canned food "drives to the dumps"  just are like Mitt's Photo Ops... they make people look "good" but they don't do much.  

    "Love One Another" ~ George Harrison

    by Damnit Janet on Tue Oct 30, 2012 at 11:12:31 AM PDT

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