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View Diary: Nate Silver writes update article, still no Mellman OH poll (53 comments)

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  •  Yes, diarist, pls. learn the difference for when (0+ / 0-)

    you provide links in the future, in general. Thanks.

    •  I know the difference (4+ / 0-)

      it is harder to access the specific article without having to evade the firewall. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      •  I evade the NYT's firewall too, and . . . (4+ / 0-)
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        Demi Moaned, lina, Sylv, pademocrat

        FYI, the NYT removed the firewall for its whole website during the Sandy crisis. As of this comment, they haven't put the firewall back up yet.

        In any case, for me, on a desktop PC in Firefox, getting the link of the specific article is as simple as right-clicking on the article title, then clicking on "Copy Link Location" in the right-click context menu. Even if you need to copy the article title and then search for it, it's just one extra step (at least for me). IMO, providing an accurate link--and one that will be useful in the future--in a DKos diary is worth any extra step(s).

      •  Here's how you do it (2+ / 0-)
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        Rita in DC, Sylv

        And I don't mean to be coming down hard on you. Just a friendly tip for future use.

        Here's how you do it in Windows:
        If you want to give a link to a specific item in a blog rather than just the blog page as a whole, there is usually an active link on the page. In Nate's case there are links active on the post title (e.g., "Oct. 29: Polling Slows As Storm Wreaks Havoc"). With your mouse hovering over the link, right click. One of the options will be 'Copy Link Location'. Select that and then you can paste into the link widget in your diary/comment.


        "The smartest man in the room is not always right." -Richard Holbrooke

        by Demi Moaned on Tue Oct 30, 2012 at 11:01:52 AM PDT

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