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View Diary: That's Gotta Sting: Christie to survey NJ damage w/Obama after dissing Romney (328 comments)

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  •  I think it may very well be. (6+ / 0-)

    Especially assuming Romney loses and Christie is getting set up for at least a very strong candidate for the '16 nominee.  This is throwing the gauntlet down: the implication is that the fringe base has been driving the car, and this is a gesture of "get back in your place."

    alternately, Christie gets to be the next "maverick" -eyeroll-  But yeah, it'll be interesting to watch.  Thing is, while you can conceivably argue either that Romney lost because he pandered to the base too much, or because he wasn't a real teabagger sorry conservative, it's going to be harder to argue the Senate, which at one point they were clearly slated to win, and have mainly lost seats on account of some of the 'baggier ones opening up their mouths and being 'baggy.

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