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View Diary: Cook: 'Clear Lead' for Obama in WI & NV ; NC & FL 'even money' (90 comments)

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  •  Also too (8+ / 0-)

    PA and MN are not in "play"  Romney needs a replacement for OH/NV and fingers crossed VA.

    This is not an expanded map it is a desperate map.

    "Lock, step, and barrel"

    by demkat620 on Tue Oct 30, 2012 at 02:49:58 PM PDT

    •  Colorado (0+ / 0-)

      CO is must win for Romney, and RCP avg has it exactly even, after having Romney up by a little bit a couple of weeks ago.

    •  What's the consensus margin in PA? (0+ / 0-)

      It didn't seem overwhelming last time I looked, and I'm concerned that if we have a situation where half of Philadelphia is a disaster area on election day, it might depress turnout in unpredictable ways.

      Actually, I'm worried about this in OH, NH, and VA too.  My gut says that any weather related issues are not going to amount to enough to flip a state like PA.  But this election has been, shall we say, emotionally taxing this last month.  It's hard to know when I'm being objective, when I'm being too optimistic, and when I'm being irrationally pessimistic.

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