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View Diary: Pro-America demonstrations regretting the attack on the consulate have been held all over Libya. (6 comments)

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  •  economic stimulus for others at our expense (4+ / 0-)
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    It is also an economic stimulus to other countries at our expense.  

    My daughter taking a college economic class pointed out how the American dollar is the most common currency in the world and the only currency for some countries.  

    I noted previously how government expenditure is an economic stimulus whether it is spent domestically on building roads, teacher, firefighter, police, and other programs here or on the military and wars.  

    Well there is one more aspect of military spending.  It stimulates economies in other countries at our expense.  

    Corporate America has betrayed its people and now sees itself as global rather than American.  Some have taken down any appearance of country of origin and others have gone so far as to move corporately abroad to avoid US taxes entirely.  I think that is why the 1% are turning their backs on the people of this country regarding education, benefits, and even infrastructure.  They would rather build roads in China not here.

    So it isn't just about war and how Republican allies make money off the war machine.  They make money abroad using the effects of the stimulus the American dollar has abroad.

    Didn't it seem odd that Mitt Romney was all for investing in foreign countries economically to support the development of their democracies around the world but was willing to cut all supports here at home?

    If any candidate isn't American it is Mitt Romney with all his foreign ties and investments.

    It is scary to think of Mitt Romney as Commander in Chief.  

    That 3 AM call Mitt Romney might get as President?

    It's his Broker!

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