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View Diary: On Polls, or Once Upon a Time I Clapped Until My Hands Were Swollen to Save Tink (32 comments)

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    Steven D, Contra, Sun dog

    ...which is something we keep having to push back on. so, not every poll diary is meant to be an applause sign.

    The posts that try to analyse trends or drill down into numbers are useful for me. I'm the optimist in my circle of friends when it comes to this election. some of them went and hid under the bed  a month ago because "blah blah blah Reagan..." after the 1st debate. I was able to douse the defeatism by talking about poll methodology, the 538 type websites, and the electoral college, etc. stuff I read here.

    there was panic on this site as well. some of the poll-clapping posts are trying to keep our tinkerbells alive!

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