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View Diary: BRILLIANT: The Image That Destroys "Get Big Government Off My Back" Proponents in Sandy's Wake (141 comments)

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    •  No, it's not corrupt. (1+ / 0-)
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      Government corruption is a different problem.  Like Halliburton and Blackwater, which, despite all the Republican claims that they are the free market, are really just political cronies being funneled government money.  That's corruption.

      But torture and domestic spying isn't corruption.  It's part of a philosophy that says that the government has to be big and powerful enough to protect us at any cost, even from ourselves.  That's evil, but not corrupt.

      And at some point, this protection of us from ourselves turns into protecting the government from the people, to greater or lesser degrees.  Secrecy laws, immunities for criminals and corporations that collaborate, arresting and intimidating media figures and whistle-blowers.  

      That's government that's too fucking big.

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