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View Diary: BRILLIANT: The Image That Destroys "Get Big Government Off My Back" Proponents in Sandy's Wake (141 comments)

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  •  Yep. "Feels like". Semantics (0+ / 0-)

    Now that we've established that you've just been indulging yourself in a personal rant, we can put this red herring of a thread to its final resting place.

    This diary deserved better.

    •  I would argue that the whole discussion (1+ / 0-)
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      of "big government" is a recent semantic one.  I'm actually surprised that there has been acquiescence to the characterization of liberal doctrine as being one of "big government."  That may have been a nice meme of those on the right, but they are still trying to profit from multiple meanings of the phrase.  That is, they are conflating the more traditional meaning of big oppressive intrusive government with government services.  That conflation becomes more obvious when you look at how they quote the founding fathers and toss around words like freedom in this discussion, as if food stamps has some direct connection to any of that drivel.  It doesn't.

      So by surrendering to this Republican redefinition, you assist them in conflating us with communists and nazis -- and notice how they are both lumped together when they do that as big government.

      ON THE OTHER HAND... You lose people like me who also are aware and afraid of the powerful and intrusive police state that spies on and terrorizes its own citizens.  We might have forgotten how just four years ago, before the economic collapse, it was about all we could think of.

      I'd like to get big government off my back.  I have a big long list of things that it does to me and other people that I wish it would not do.  I'd like a smaller government that can't torture or arrest people without warrants or hide embarrassing truths or create new government infrastructures and legalities to carry this out.

      I can like all that and at the same time completely support FEMA.  

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