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View Diary: What will happen when it's not journalists who poll workers tell they must have a photo ID to vote? (74 comments)

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    I also would point out someone like myself who has simply renewed my license by mail again and again so that the signature still has my maiden name on it, which isn't even what I sign (although it's so illegible that I never thought it mattered). Plus, those little electronic things that you sign? And also, my handwriting changes often because I write a ton, so if I have a hand cramp from grading papers, it will shift. What about all the people in the world with Parkinson's too? One of the symptoms of it is a shift in handwriting; should they be disqualified from voting?

    I can't believe this law hasn't been more carefully examined and protections aren't put into place to fix it, especially when someone can physically verify that they are the signee AND that they'd like their vote to be counted. A bank will sometimes hold a check if a signature needs verification, but if the person shows up and says "Yes, that's me" and has proof of that, they can't just null the check.

    This is disenfranchisement, IMHO. I don't care if the law says they can take these measures to disenfranchise people. This could be arbitrarily abused and no one would be the wiser on these absentee ballots in particular, which are the preferred ballots in many states (or states like Washington, where you mail all of them in). This just has got to be looked at. Carefully.

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