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  •  the emotional contagion of Cheney's terror: (0+ / 0-)

    Condi Rice and others in the Bush Admin were arguably under the influence of an emotional meme-virus that was chronic in the Bush Admin.  

    Dick Cheney's entire life has been dominated utterly by the fear of his own mortality.  He has lived in terror of death since the days when he did everything possible to duck the Vietnam draft.  That terror would only have been magnified by his health history, and the extremely tenuous lease on life he has by virtue of modern cardiac replacement technology.

    And I'm quite sure his "undisclosed locations" were very often hospital cardiac wards, under observation, during recurrent panic attacks.  

    I feel sorry for the guy.  He needs something like Buddhist compassion.  But in any case, emotions are ferociously contagious: think of shouting Fire! in a crowded theatre, but the very same dynamic of instantaneous spread from one person to another occurs with all emotions.  That's a fact you can verify through observing yourself and others.

    Cheney's chronic anxiety/fear syndrome would have been exacerbated terribly by 9/11: as an entire nation we've suffered a mild kind of collective PTSD from that event.  

    If you study the dynamics of the Bush Administration, and the extreme measures it took under the header of "anti-terrorism," what you see looks like nothing so much as neurotic compensation for acute anxiety.  This plugged directly into the Neocon narrative, as if to confirm the Neocons' best (or worst, as it were) theories.  

    This doesn't let anyone off the hook morally for the failures of character that were involved.  But it does provide insight into behaviors that otherwise remain puzzling.  It has explanatory power.  And one of the outcomes of this line of reasoning, is the conclusion that the policy reactions of the Bush Admin to 9/11 was in part driven by subclinical PTSD.  

    If we wish to prevent a recurrence of something like the Bush Admin, it behooves us to understand the dynamics that were at work.

    "Minus two votes for the Republican" equals "plus one vote for the Democrat." Arithmetic doesn't care about their feelings either!

    by G2geek on Wed Oct 31, 2012 at 10:08:18 PM PDT

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