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View Diary: WH reporter Revolt! Scottie Mc C's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (296 comments)

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  •  An inspiration to all (none)
    A News Strike, instead of not reporting and not turning in copy, could take the form of satirized police blotter material.

    Or they could revert to the Iran/Contra Hearings code: Country A/B/C, etc., The Individual, An Unidentified Background Source, and when speaking of the Resident, merely refer to him as "an Unidentifed Adminstration Official", especially when speaking of his cough legislative agenda, to which it would then be possible to refer in undisguised terms.

    As in "An Unidentified Administration Official, speaking on condition of anonymity, may have referred to a cockamamy scheme to prop up liquidity and improve cash flows into the stock market until individuals' pension funds have been absorbed by hedge funds and large investment companies. This scheme is laughingly referred to as Pension Piratization. When questionned further, the Official indicated that his next most important move was his golf swing: "Watch my drive," adding, "and you can quote me, on that."

    Always add this rider!!
    So that's how it was, today. We don't invent the news, we just report it.

    •  Say WHAT??? (none)

      "An otherwise unidentified dKos poster, speaking on condition of anonymity, may have referred to a cockamamie scheme to attack the  corporate media by denying them the benefit of the attention (and concomitant monetary rewards) of the left."

      "This scheme is laughingly referred to as media de-ghettoization. When questioned further, the poster indicated that his next most important move was his syntax swing. 'Watch my grammar'  he said, adding, 'and you can quote me on that.' "

      Give me a break.


      •  Take all the breaks you need. (none)
        With or without permission.
        •  You mean... (none)
          You're willing to give me permission to take all the breaks I need with or without permission?


          You have an interesting mind.

          So I looked at some of your diaries.

          I found one that was quite interesting to me (Read it here.) entitled "CASH IN ON dirty swimming-pool water!!".

          It is about a brilliant expat American financial guy who has figured out a way to use mainstream Ratpub-style financial methods to take down socially regressive corporations. He claims that he is using it on Coca-ColaCorp (Hence the "dirty swimming-pool water" in the title) and that is the reason why Coke's profits are down 16%.

          And I got to thinking, Heteraetcaetera (nice handle) you know this guy?

          Because if you do, hook him up here. He could add enormously to this idea of a mass newstrike.

          I's a lovely effort, to take down Coke and other corporate octopii, but it would ultimately have a minor effect on the system compared with taking down the media to the point where they would be forced to alter their stonewalling tactics. After all, if an effort such as this financial guy's actually began to work, all the financial system would have do is put blocks of some sort in its way...massive influxes of money, new rules, something...and it would be over, but if the MEDIA system were to be negatively influenced by a widespread boycott, what could they do?

          Yell louder?

          What happens if an anchorman falls in the forest and no one is tuned in to hear him?

          And better yet...what happens if he is yelling about a financial attack on his system at the same time?

          Please get back to me on this...I'm dead serious here,whimsical though it may appear on first glance.


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