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  •  Who would vote for Mitt? (1+ / 0-)
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    tb mare

    There is not a single expert, pundit or pollster -- let alone an average voter -- who can decipher Mitt Romney's real position on any issue of substance out of the web of lies, exaggerations and contradictory statements that the GOP nominee has spewed all year long. The choice coming down the stretch this election is crystal clear. Romney wants the country to fend for itself, using the 50 percent of Americans he deems worthless as a spigot for wealth to flow to the super-rich. Killing FEMA is the worst example of Romney's skewed ideology. He wants ordinary Americans to literally drag themselves out of floodwaters and rebuild their communities with no help from the government that they pay taxes to keep in operation. This is insanity.   -  progressive

    •  Who would vote against Obama? (0+ / 0-)

      I think that is the real question, given that you only have 2 choices. I see lots of Romney/Ryan signs in yards here in NC, and I realize that many of them might as well say Anybody But Obama. Even if you don't understand Mitt's position(s) on the policies that matter to you, it's quite possible that you've been convinced that the Socialist Kenyan (psst - he's also Black, apparently) is just not good for the country, so you should vote for his opponent.

      I agree that anybody voting FOR Mitt should be rejected from the pool of registered voters as being clinically brain-dead, but that doesn't mean Obama is sure to win.

      •  So they're voting for the fictitious Romney (0+ / 0-)

        (who has carefully and deliberately constructed that fiction) over a fictitious Obama who has no connection to the real one.

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