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  •  Yes, Obama/Biden will win big in EC (0+ / 0-)

    But as this lifetime Ohioan knows, the MSM/pundit/skewered pollster class needs a narrative on which to cling to steal this state in particular and possibly others.

    Over and again I have asked the one remaining question: if the Romney/Ryan team does not perform at Reagan levels among those who have yet to vote in Ohio--some 57-59%--something no GOP candidate has done in decades--and WHICH IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, BECAUSE NOBODY IN OHIO WILL BELIEVE THAT ONE--what network calls Ohio first for Obama/Biden and at what time?

    Because the other media has been invested in a narrative that never was against the reality of what has ever been (Ohio hates their GOP Governor's policies and truly dislikes Romney/Ryan), how are the GOP goons going to steal it this time?

    Assuming that MSNBC calls this state for Obama fairly early based on reality--the Obama/Biden team should then declare the victory BEFORE THE GOONS CAN LOSE 200,000 Obamas votes.  They need not allow the Ohio of 2012--that anybody living here knows HAS NEVER BEEN A FIT FOR ROMNEY/RYAN--to become the Florida of 2000, wherein Morning Joe's (he was then himself a Florida congressman) fellow GOP goons outright stole the state for their side before the eyes of the world.

    But aside from the intended theft--when the votes have been accurately counted in Ohio, there is no doubt in my mind that the Obama/Biden team will have won here by at least five percentage points and maybe more.  Incidentally, at one and the same time, current Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown is set to win reelection in  a blow-out, so the goons need yet another narrative that nobody here will believe, that this state has that many ticket splitters.  No, it does not.  It never has.  Nor is it that racially divided.  It was not in 2008 and certainly is less so in 2012.

    Therein lies their monumental problem.  This time, unlike their big steal of Florida in 2000--none of their possible narratives can work.

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