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View Diary: How much has Karl Rove pocketed while delivering close to ZERO ROI to his fatcat funders? (122 comments)

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  •  Look How Close We Came, If You'd Just Given (5+ / 0-)

    "Look how close we came," Karl says. "If you'd just given a little more we could have done it."

    Karl is far from gone, and neither are the billionaires that shoveled money into his hands. They're invigorated on three levels: First, they took a total loser candidate that was one of their own and made him viable; Second, they got to be players in the national political scene; and Third, they now get to play victim again and do the Cooperman.

    Karl will milk all three factors and round them up for the next round. Giving ten million to a guy with ten billion who is seventy years old isn't a big deal under those circumstances.

    But I do hope that someone is researching a book right now on how much Rove, the right wing owners of cable and TV stations (and I know from experience that they are; they're promoted from the ranks of salesmen, not programmers or engineers), and various other "consultants" made during this election. It will be a super read.

    As Thomas Frank says in his great book "Pity The Billionaire", Republicans turn their ideological activism into profit making ventures (because it's all about money), so Rove's profiteering won't raise an eyebrow with billionaire Gullibles.

    A Southerner in Yankeeland

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