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View Diary: How much has Karl Rove pocketed while delivering close to ZERO ROI to his fatcat funders? (122 comments)

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  •  It isn't Rove's fault... (3+ / 0-)

    ...that the R candidates are running lousy campaigns and making gaffe after gaffe while being a rather unappealing bunch to begin with.  Only so much you can do with ads when you've got candidates that think it's their duty to publicly state that women who get pregnant from rape ought to be forced to bear the child and just make the best of it.  Only so much you can do when your party ditches a proven winner like Lugar and tries to get in an untested, polarizing true believer because they are greedy.  It's not Rove's fault that the top of the ticket has run a lousy campaign, aside from one decent debate performance.

    It's a wonder that they are managing to keep things as close as they are.  Without the big money, what do they really have going in their favor?

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