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View Diary: Princeton Election Consortium - Resolving national vs. state polls (84 comments)

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  •  Will more dems vote this year than in 2008? (1+ / 0-)
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    It is an interesting point Rove is making - why is Dem party ID going up omong likely voters compared to 2008? Are the old white guys dying off?

    That said - I think his analysis/case is pretty thin - Rove's cherrypicking national polls to get Obama to 47% (he's really closer to 50 in a lot of polls) and it rests on basically all the polling outfits - other than Rasmussen and Gravis Marketing - being wrong.

    I'll take that bet. I wonder why Rove is taking the high risk bet.... I guess he has to justify all the ads he bought with other people's money.

    I look forward to Sheldon Adelson and others asking Rove "what the hell - we gave you hundreds of million dollars and you didn't win!"  

    Hope the prince of darkness and his data minons are wrong... Going to be interesting...

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