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  •  Yes. And anti-intellectual. (2+ / 0-)
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    It is a big part of our national heritage. It goes back to the days of the founding of our country. They chased Tom Paine out of the country after the revolution when he wrote about economic justice. Henry Ford said History is bunk and was an antisemite. The whole school reform movement is led by wealthy people who are still pissed off at the elementary school teachers and want to get even. I am talking to you Steve and Bill. The fact that this election is close shows how stupid this country is. The world is watching us again keeping in mind that Bush "won" two elections and hoping that the most powerful nation in the world could possibly elect someone worse. And they are not sure if they should laugh at us or start building bomb shelters.

    •  The world is watching (0+ / 0-)

      To those from around the world who pay attention and follow what goes on in America- we are considering re-electing GW again. And quite possibly, after Nov. 6, once we do that- any smidgen of respect for America's leadership and common sense may very well be lost for at least 4 more more years.

      •  I do not think that America as a whole (0+ / 0-)

        really cares what the world thinks. We have no shame. Ant shame we did have we lost when we became a super power. We are like a 6 foot tall three year old. Big enough to do damage and too immature to understand beyond our own selfish needs.

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