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View Diary: November Surprise? UPDATED w/ UAW Press Conference video & Ed Show interview (198 comments)

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  •  see, the disagreement baffles me (0+ / 0-)

    is there really no other diary that also deserved the broader exposure of the rec list?

    is it really the case that being on the rec list doesn't a topic enough exposure? or at least, isn't there a point of diminishing returns in taking up two limited rec list spots with the same topic?  what does it having it up there twice accomplish that once doesn't?

    i'm really not trying to be obnoxious.  i am just seriously blown away that this is contentious point at all.  seriously...what possible value lies in having a topic rec'd twice?  newsweek and wapo would never run an edition with the same story above the fold twice.


    Die with your boots on. If you're gonna try, well stick around. Gonna cry? Just move along. The truth of all predictions is always in your hands. - Iron Maiden

    by Cedwyn on Thu Nov 01, 2012 at 08:37:09 PM PDT

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