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View Diary: OMG! I agree with a wingnut abortion position (25 comments)

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  •  It isnt a matter of what someone else (2+ / 0-)
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    crose, LadyMiseryAli

    finds morally valuable.  I for instance do not see any more moral value in a zygote than any other appendage of the female body as long as that body sustains life in an exclusive way.  I can agree that once brain function has started, it may be clear that there is a human to be that can function outside of the female.  But before this point it is a mass of cells with some potential to be several things.  That potential may have a moral value to some, it may have a religious value to some. But it doesnt have these properties as a human, only the potential of a human.  It doesnt have the properties as an independently surviving and thriving life form - be it vegetable or animal.  The potential however, does have several other properties that could be considered, like that of risk to the health of the mother, her mental state in the case of rape or unwanted pregnancy.  Financial and social potentials to the mother.  If we are to respect the dignity of life, as a potential for surviving and thriving, then so too must we consider that potential of the mothers life.  She too is entitled to her own survival as she sees it, as her own religion or philosophy would have it.  The decision to terminate such a process such as zygote development, is the decision to take one potential over another.  It is not the decision to end a human life as many would have us believe because indeed such a human doesnt exist. I agree that as a fully functioning fetus society and communities may wish to have a say in the mother's decision.  Should she have waited long enough to determine what the potential outcome of the pregnancy might be. Before this however, it is her body, the functions over which SHE and she alone should have dominion.  The weighing of potentials are best left up to her and her own God.        

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