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View Diary: OMG! I agree with a wingnut abortion position (25 comments)

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    always counter-pointed people arguing with me about how life begins at fertilization with the fact that the two cells that create the zygote are themselves alive. Then I go on to tell them that they take life every day--so-called "innocent" life even--and I give examples. If they eat chocolate there is a good chance a very small child was worked to death picking the cacao pods to make it. If they eat fruits and vegetables from American growers, the workers tending those crops suffer from cancer, heat-related deaths and illness, and severe injury, because of what they do. The cars people drive, the electrical power they consume--all create pollution that causes many kinds of cancer. From the clothes we wear to the food we eat, just being alive on Earth means we live while others die. If I were being true to my beliefs, I would eat nothing, drink nothing and breathe nothing for all of those actions take life. Yes, life already exists at fertilization, and since I can't not take life by being alive myself, I advise those trying to stop women's access to abortion to come up with a way to take care of the people we already have instead of wasting breath on a moral choice that is not theirs to make.  

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