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View Diary: Conservative Super PAC says vote Republican because Abraham Lincoln (194 comments)

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  •  Truly. Could it have been more condescending? No. (13+ / 0-)

    "Ol' Honest Abe freed all you black folk and you OWE him!"

    "And you're all too dumb to realize that the Republican Party of 150 years ago or even 50 years ago is a far cry from the GOP of today.

    And look at our pretty picture that we pulled from a toothpaste ad. We found it in Ebony, so we know y'all will want to be just like this good-looking pair of....ooops, I almost said 'darkies.' Now that would have just been wrong, wouldn't it?"

    Gag. Me.  

    Freedom has two enemies: Those who want to control everyone around them...and those who feel no need to control themselves.

    by Sirenus on Fri Nov 02, 2012 at 09:54:51 AM PDT

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    •  Yup (7+ / 0-)

      "You black people should be grateful for what the GOP gave you."


      Lincoln was an ally, no doubt, but it would be more fair and more accurate to say that whatever progress this country makes in civil rights usually involves people taking their rights - not them being given their rights.

      Lincoln was a true hero and hundreds of thousands of white Union soldiers gave their lives in the cause of freedom.  But the GOP framing ignores the reality that black people were not (and are not) passive recipients of their own freedom.   It sort of shows how the GOP can't quite figure out "minorities" unless it is within the context of granting a benefit.  

      “If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin.” Charles Darwin

      by ivorybill on Fri Nov 02, 2012 at 10:11:26 AM PDT

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    •  Remember Lincoln And Forget About How The GOTP (5+ / 0-)

      has been acting lately?

      One of the reasons African-American voters do not support Romney is that they see the Republican Party's treatment of Obama, from the first weeks of his presidency, as an assault on a kind of racial collective dignity. This includes remarks such as GOP trash-talker John Sununu's description of the first black president of the United States as "lazy" after his poor debate performance.

      It may seem like a long time ago to most Americans that Obama gave his first post-State of the Union speech before a joint session of Congress. But for many African-Americans, it seems like yesterday that the shaky credibility of the Republican Party began its final downward slide. What we now know as the "you lie" moment, when Republican Rep. Joe Wilson actually heckled the president of the United States, will one day be remembered as a watershed moment in racial politics.

      Only the immediate, fierce and united Republican condemnation of Wilson could have possibly mitigated the effect of that moment on millions of African-Americans. That kind of condemnation did not happen.

      The racists really know how to waste money fighting against things that objectively don't exist.  For example, the "lazy, gullible black" who would respond to this ad; the Kenyan socialist Muslim usurper who's destroying Amerikkka; or the baby-killing "femiNazis" and the "Demoncrap Party" that're after their guns, Bibles, and so called "moral way of life."
      •  Sadly, it doesn't matter that these straw men (0+ / 0-)

        don't exist.

        They'e created to engender fear. Fear of "the other." The kind of fear that tyrants have used to control people since before the dawn of civilization.

        The problem for the haters now is that they now need their "straw men" to vote for them. They can't get elected solely on the votes of their "base."

        So now they have to woo the people they've been vilifying for months. What a predicament.

        Freedom has two enemies: Those who want to control everyone around them...and those who feel no need to control themselves.

        by Sirenus on Sun Nov 04, 2012 at 04:46:37 AM PST

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