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View Diary: Video: Interviews With Romney Supporters Are Seriously...Disturbing (125 comments)

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  •  What do they all have in common? FEAR (0+ / 0-)

    Great job, Chase!  

    I used to do interviews like that years and years ago, for a public access cable show I was involved with.  It is really fun, actually.  I find it easy to keep my cool, because I find it so amazing to get a window into their minds.  

    But, you know, they are SO CLOSE to becoming awakened.  Really.  I love interviews like this because they illuminate the places where they are most confused.  It gives us a map, if we are willing to LOOK, of how exactly they think.  What they believe.  And when you get down to the roots... the beliefs that are held unconsciously... you know what needs to be healed.  They are telling us clearly where they are blind.  Where they are in the dark.  Where they are confused.  Hear me out for a moment:

    Much of this comes down to fear.  Confusion leads to fear, and fear leads to ignorance because you will believe whatever someone tells you that makes you feel better, makes you feel a little safer.  

    And they are correct to be scared... in the sense that their rights are being taken away, things are changing very fast, "their" country is being taken away.  They FEEL all of this, and then their fear is re-routed through all the lies they are fed.  They are trained to aim at the wrong guy, they are trained to aim at an invented enemy instead of at those who are really screwing them over.  They are vulnerable, because they trust in authority much more than we do.  But WE still do, too. We are all vulnerable... and scared.  (If you aren't fearful at all, perhaps you are fully enlightened?  I honor you.)

    They don't worry about details, they don't do research.  (Heck, the great majority of those voting for Obama don't do research either. ) They just want to feel better.  

    Dare I say it:  I feel how they are innocent.  This is why I love talking to them, or to anybody.  They really believe what they are saying.  They don't feel they are hateful.  NO.  They feel they are defending love, truth, and all things good.  They really do.  They are like ignorant children.  I feel love and caring for them, and I am not just saying that.  They don't disgust me, because it is simply their MINDS that have been messed with.  I am not offended or angry, just like I wouldn't be if a child was repeating something to me that I knew to be false.

    All people are doing the best they can.  All people are innocent, and good -- there is no judgement in the deepest sense.  Their ignorance is very stark and it leads to damaging acts, acts that hurt others.  But am I free of ignorance?  Am I not connected with acts that hurt others?  No and no.  

    They are in a different thought-world.  It is very, very different than ours.  It feels like truth to them.  

    Yes, they aren't too bright.  I mean, they are easily led.  But they are human and they are our neighbors and relatives and they mean well.  

    We can't "change them", because they don't want anyone to.  Do you want someone to change YOU?  We can ask if they would be willing to really listen, to really open their minds and hear other ideas.  Then, we can present them information and experiences and stories and our thought-world.  But it is their right to grow at their own pace.  

    WHAT TO DO, then?  The key, I think, is to know that they feel they are basically good people.  From that place of knowing that they ARE good, because we all are, can a real conversation and exchange of ideas begin.  If we continue to feel that they are too mean-hearted, stupid, stubborn... well, that is how they will remain to us.

    So the work is really within us.  

    We can only change them by changing ourselves.  They are CONFUSED, and we interpret it as hateful.  We need to deepen our understanding of how they got where they are, and the only way to do that is to look at your own story, your own thoughts, your own beliefs.  How do YOU change?  It isn't easy, is it?

    A confused mind can be enlightened! In fact, that is what I believe we are all doing here on this planet.  

    The people in the video are brilliant at showing us how confused a mind can get!  Perhaps that is their role, to show us.  To teach us.  To ask us to understand.  

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