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View Diary: Obama owes Biden a (root) beer. Or 20. (124 comments)

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    there's a difference between saying, "Biden made us feel a lot better" (which is true) and "Biden turned this ship around and saved Obama's ass" (which is a bunch of stuff).

    Let me paraphrase this diary's sentiment: "When Biden smacked Paul Ryan down"...

    It felt good to be a Democrat again.
    Pfft.  This is a huge problem we liberals have and must address.  We are histrionic.  Let me tell you something:

    When Mother Jones broke the 47% story on September 17, it was as though all of the oxygen that could possibly be in a room was sucked out of that room.  It was a disaster for Romney.  It was THE STORY of this election.  It was an absolute GAME-CHANGER IN ALL CAPS, something that political pundits and poly sci types will be studying for another hundred years.  Romney went from a Nate Silver 25% chance of winning to a 13% chance of winning from Sept 17 to Oct 4.  It took 16 days for that 12% dip to happen despite this being the scandal du jour of 2012.

    When Obama had a subdued, mellowed-out, energetically lousy debate performance on October 3, it was as though....the, uhh, sky fell?  YES. Obama went from an 87% chance of winning to a low point of 61% from October 4 to October 12.  A 26% drop, and it took just 8 days.

    In other words, Obama tanked twice as much in half the time.  Twice as much in half the time.  And to bounce back, he had to be twice as good to get, what now, half the credit?

    Hmmmmmmm....where have I heard THAT before?

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    by therehastobeaway on Fri Nov 02, 2012 at 05:40:57 AM PDT

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