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  •  i remember your diary about mike's death - (9+ / 0-)

    and this one is a continuation of your sorrow.

    what you are doing is the correct thing - leaving.  that your parents and mike are buried there - well, their bodies, anyway - doesn't mean your good memories of your family are there - they are not - they are with you and will be with you always.

    leaving the toxicity and pain is the right thing to do - you need to move forward into the life that isn't surrounded by that sorrow and sadness.  it belongs in that town, you don't.

    when mom died in feb, 2011 - i stayed in n.c. two months - long enough to realize that the pain and sorrow of what remained of my "family" was also toxic.  heading across country - back to california - for the first time, i realized i was coming "home".  home IS where the heart is - and my heart is with sani and my friends here, not in a place that causes immense pain and sorrow.

    you will find that you are free - free to laugh again.  free to find free air and sky and earth to feel damp beneath your feet.  you will find the ability to live and love life again.

    trust me, i know - as do so many of us who have traveled a similar journey as yours.  

    embrace today and your tomorrows for they are truly YOUR tomorrows!

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