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View Diary: Ex-Gays and the New York Times, the weekend before the election (16 comments)

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  •  Ex-Gay, No-Way (6+ / 0-)

    The book "Ex-Gay, No-Way," by Jallen Rix, a survivor of the religious abuse that masks itself as "reparative therapy," is one of the most powerful exposes of the ties between the religious right and the supposedly scientifically supported success of Ex-Gay therapy.

    It opens by quoting the suicide note written by a gay man who was not a survivor of pray the gay away:

       TO: Those left with the question, why did he do it?

        I loved life and all that it had to offer to me each day.

        I loved my job and my clients.

        I loved my friends and thank God for each one of them.

        I loved my little house and would not have wanted to live anywhere else.

        All this looks like the perfect life. Yet, I must not let this shadow the problem that I have in my life. At one time, not to long ago, that was all that really mattered in my life. What pleased me and how it affected me. Now that I have turned my life over to the Lord and the changes came one by one, the above statements mean much more to me. I am pleased that I can say those statements with all the truth and honesty that is within me.

        However, to make this short, I must confess that there were things in my life that I could not gain control, no matter how much I prayed and tried to avoid the temptation, I continually failed.

        It is this constant failure that has made me make the decision to terminate my life here on earth. I do this with the complete understanding that life is not mine to take. I know that it is against the teachings of our Creator. No man is without sin, this I realise. I will cleanse myself of all sin as taught to me by His word. Yet, I must face my Lord with the sin of murder. I believe that Jesus died and paid the price for that sin too. I know that I shall have everlasting life with Him by departing this world now, no matter how much I love it, my friends, my family. If I remain it could possibly allow the devil the opportunity to lead me away from the Lord. I love life, but my love for the Lord is so much greater, the choice is simple.


        Please know that I am extremely happy to be going to the Lord. He knows my heart and knows how much I love life and and all that it has to offer. But, He knows that I love Him more. That is why I believe that I will be with Him in Paradise.

        I regret if I bring sorrow to those that are left behind. If you get your hearts in tune with the word of God you will be as happy about my ‘transfer’ as I am. I also hope that this answers sufficiently the question, why?

        May God Have Mercy On My Soul.

        A Brother & A Friend.

    •  Thanks for posting this (2+ / 0-)

      It demonstrates how destructive the ex-gay movement can be better than I could possibly have done.

      -7.75, -8.10; All it takes is security in your own civil rights to make you complacent, and we are all Wisconsin.

      by Dave in Northridge on Sat Nov 03, 2012 at 02:43:06 PM PDT

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      •  And thanks for your diary (2+ / 0-)

        What really troubles me about this article, and his previous article about Gov. Brown signing the law, is it's lack of any real focus on the teens the law is designed to protect.  While I don't have any statistics at hand to prove this, I think it's likely that most of the teens who were the subject of such therapy were forced into it by their fundamentalist homophobic parents.  The kids that are the victim of this process, like the author of this suicide note, have been forced to endure not only the shame dumped on them by their family and church for being gay, but also the guilt and sense of failure that arises when they don't succeed at praying away the gay.

        Instead the article laments how some professed ex-gays feel the law is an "assault on their own validity."  Shed a tear.  And it notes how ex-gays feel the law is a "violation of free choice."  Which is bullshit in that the law only applies to mental health professionals, thus preventing the "therapy" from being cloaked with any scientific validity.  Unfortunately, churches and other groups will remain free to assault young souls.

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