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  •  Doctors live off the government. (13+ / 0-)

    Upon my mother's retirement 5 years ago, the doctor, her employer, recounted that when she began working his recipients were 15% insurance and Medicare/Medicaid. He said his recipients then were now 85% insurance and Medicare/Medicaid. Now a lake home, a home in AZ and a home in my hometown really did not indicate a problem with insurance and government payments. A couple of Lincolns in the drive way sure didn't indicate any impoverish conditions. He retired and sold the business at the normal retirement age and golfs in the midwest in the summer and golfs in AZ in the winter. As the rest of us have to live on less, about time doctors do too. What is going to funny when people do not have money or insurance to pay for their services. Some doctors have complained about the lack of business in the past couple of years due to the economy. Just wait if the Republicans get their ways with Medicare and Medicaid. Now that will be a lot of sour beer for them to drink.

    •  I hear what you say (4+ / 0-)

      and would like to add that I'm all for practitioners being paid as well as possible, and that they be afforded just about anything that they want in life that can be reasonable.  I would want my practitioner to be happy with his or her life, and whatever it requires for him or her to stay that way.

      Medical doctors for the most part deal with that part of our lives which are most important to us...... our health and well-being.  They do have tremendous responsibilities and need to be compensated with such.  I don't like the idea of any practitioner having to be concerned with anything but his or her patients, and not have other clutter go through their minds otherwise.  

      Now, cuts in the healthcare system could easily go to some of those execs at these insurance companies, who make some +$100M salaries and then throw in the bonuses......  That's a good place to remove fat from the system.  

      But I'm all for making sure that practitioners being happy and getting their just due.  

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