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  •  The Presstitutes are virtually silent (6+ / 0-)
    This country is very close to electing a Liar and his lying liar of a running mate, and the Presstitutes are virtually silent.
    Pretty much like the juggernaut, jingoistic ramp-up to "Shock 'N Awe" in 2002-2003.   Hardly a peep from The MSM to refute all the cascade of outright lies and deliberate misinformation pouring out of the BushCo White House and the Rethuglican Party to overwhelm any dissent and to make sure their War agenda was assured.  

    This was another significant, pivotal moment in American history, just like this election is.    And just like since 2000-2008, will we continue to tailspin in a downward spiral due to these incredibly foolish, myopic electorate choices??  Time will tell...

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