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  •  Too many senators outside ultraconservative (1+ / 0-)
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    states would be exposing themselves to serious blowback in that instance.  Americans don't follow the court closely, but blocking a nominee for transparently political reasons (and on political issues that a strong majority of Americans actually support the Dems on) would be terrible optics in too many states.  Collins and Kirk, especially, would be putting themselves seriously in harm's way.

    •  Collins and Kirk and several others (1+ / 0-)
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      could afford to sit out the filibuster.  I see your point but after the debt ceiling debacle I don't put nothing past these people. Remember a new Court means CU likely gets overturned. The Republican Party's allegiance is no longer to the American people, the Constitution, or public opinion, but to the unrelenting spigot of untraceable corporate cash that keeps them in power.  New Court comes along and revisits campaign finance law-- they go down.  They can't allow that to happen, public opinion be damned.

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