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  •  I'm noticing a sudden "IF Romney loses" type talk (2+ / 0-)
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    TheKF1, Janet 707

    From the right is.

    It's almost like suddenly they're hedging their bets.  Rubin, Rassmussen, Podhertz/Commentary.....not sounding so bullish now.

    There's a few holdouts like Rove and the Hotair group though, but for the most part their language has been markedly tempered recently.

    •  You can't bluff after you show your cards (1+ / 0-)
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      Janet 707

      Rove and Dick Morris and Ras have been bullish on Romney because they all believe that polls and spin drive the narrative, rather than the other way around.

      They think that if they can show polls which have their candidate up, and that he has the momentum, that voters in the real world will change their mind because they want to vote for the winner.  According to this mindset, fake polls become accurate measures of reality after the fact.

      More Orwellian reality-distorting crap from the right wing, in other words.

      Now that it hasn't worked, they're hedging.  Ras is reverting to mean so that his numbers, which have been fake for a year, don't look as bad -- they can all claim after the election that there was just a late surge towards Obama, and that only Ras managed to capture how weak Obama's position was prior to Sandy.

      If the other polls had moved in Ras's direction over the past month, then Scotty would claim that he'd accurately caught early movement towards Romney while the other polls were all biased.  So, the fact that Ras is reverting to mean essentially guarantees we win on Tuesday.

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