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View Diary: UPDATED: Why Republicans Lie - Must Read from Rick Perlstein on the Conservative Con Game (178 comments)

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    ERJH, FarWestGirl

    I think the first part of this essay, the documenting of political operatives (particularly on the right) being businessmen who are driven by their own ends, is very insightful, and does explain the lack of interest, or need, by those parties to tell the truth.

    The SDO case is much less persuasive, since one sees plenty of that mind set right here on this site, particularly leading into an election, where any dissent is regarded as intolerable.

    Nothing in the articles deals with the obvious fact that the Democratic Party has allowed itself to be corrupted nearly as badly by the same types of influences. The author mentions how the right is able to drive the dialogue, but fails to address why the “opposition party” has degenerated into a Trojan horse for that same right wing ideology.

    Could money be the problem? Well then let's just not talk about it.    

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