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View Diary: South Korea Makes Significant Advance in Stem Cell Research (210 comments)

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  •  let's hold these bastard to it (none)
    And get them to sign oaths or what-not that they will, when older, NOT use the therapies that result from this research.  I would not be surprised if, for instance, Parkinson's is treated with stem cells that generate dopamine producing neurons that can be transplanted directly into substantia nigra.  There is good evidence from monkeys, and even some minimal clinical data, that this is a route worth exploring -- granted, at least a decade or much more from your local hospital, but still ...

    When the now 30 year old GOP nutjobs begin hitting their 60s, I am willing to bet serious money that many of the CHRONIC age related diseases will require stem cells for treatment (think custom-grown organs -- shit, how about treating diabetes by replacing pancreatic tissue?).  

    Instead of letting them kick and scream, let's see how many of them are willing to sign a promise NEVER EVER to use the therapies when they get old.  And I'm talking therapies that require the creation of an embryo with YOUR genetic content, growing specific parts of this embryo (of course, no brain hence no "feelings"), and using the organs to replace yours.  The ultimate form of 'selective abortion'.  I bet about 10% of these freaks would be willing to sign such a statement.  And of those, maybe 10% would actually stick to it when they became deathly ill, and this was the only therapy available.

    How ironic -- death, up until now, was such a way of forcing people into religion.  Maybe in the next few decades, it will force them to trade the extremist elements of their religion for their lives.

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