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  •  wow, that is just scary (1+ / 0-)
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    not sure how much has changed, either!

    For me, the model of 50 states, often feeling like they need to compete against each other, just doesn't work.

    I've heard the rationale: Vote with your feet.

    Guess they mean that if you don't like it in this state, go to another state if you want.

    Yea, there are no border guards asking for 'your papers' between states, but there are boundaries in the form of economic constraints.

    Just because you wake up some day, and discover that you can no longer have an abortion in your own home state, and you are worried that you might be effected by this, doesn't mean you can easily give up a job and housing, etc, just to move to a 'pro-choice' state. And then you might be faced with the same issue again, down the line if you made a bad state choice again. I am using abortion as an example, but there are other issues as well, of course.

    I have been trying to convince hubbie that we should move from NYS to Vermont since they are really making a LOT of noise about single payer for their residents.  The cons are that it is expensive to find housing and I would have to start fresh looking for a job.

    Again, state divisions for these issues just doesn't make sense.

    I am an Angry White Woman and I vote. Mr President: I've got your back

    by karma13612 on Sat Nov 03, 2012 at 10:15:18 AM PDT

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