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View Diary: The Fiasco called Voting in Florida -- illustrates why ALL Americans should have Vote-by-Mail (43 comments)

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    No voter should have to wait hours to exercise his or her right to vote.  The Florida ballot was loaded up with constitutional amendments, all proposed by the Tea Party legislature.  In addition to those amendments and a number of statewide and district offices, we have judicial retention votes, water and soil district votes, and in some cases, local elections.  A ten page ballot is a recipe for disaster when voters are trying to vote in person.  While my local ballot was not nearly so long, it still was long.  This election, I opted to vote absentee for that reason, among others.  

    Also, I posted another comment up above as to why I support vote by mail which would go a long way toward solving these problems.

    "Growing up is for those who don't have the guts not to. Grow wise, grow loving, grow compassionate, but why grow up?" - Fiddlegirl

    by gulfgal98 on Sat Nov 03, 2012 at 10:27:58 AM PDT

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      for taking the time to comment.

      These long ballots, almost require 2 days of voting.

      one for candidates, one for initiatives.

      Do you have any idea the "verification" issues,
      related to absentee voting.

      And if all such votes get counted, first? last?

      If necessary?

      They've always seemed like some kind of "provisional ballot" to me.  But then again, I've never used one.

      Are you ready to Vote? Are you still 'allowed' to Vote?
      -- Are you sure?

      by jamess on Sat Nov 03, 2012 at 11:12:48 AM PDT

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        were counted last.  I am not so sure that is the case any more since a huge number of voters have voted via absentee.  Either way, I never felt that my previous absentee ballots were jeopardized.  I have a lot more faith in the system than some people here.  

        From what I have seen in Florida in the past and still have thus far, screw ups with the election system have been due to poor ballot design or lack of adequate training on the part of elections officials.  When Rick Scott ordered the purge of voter rolls in Florida, all 67 county supervisors of elections refused to do so. I do believe that there is some peer pressure among the elections officials (statewide) to maintain minimum standards, especially after the botched butterfly ballot of 2000.

        I have been fortunate to have one of the best supervisors of elections (in the US- yes, he has presented expert testimony to Congress on the elections process) in my home county, so my faith in the process is fairly high.  That said, my current supervisor was elected in 1988 after the previous supervisor was removed from office by the governor for having botched a local election.  

        As I have posted here before, probably one of the most important people you can elect to office is your supervisor of elections.  He or she is the gatekeeper to the democratic process.

        "Growing up is for those who don't have the guts not to. Grow wise, grow loving, grow compassionate, but why grow up?" - Fiddlegirl

        by gulfgal98 on Sat Nov 03, 2012 at 11:49:53 AM PDT

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