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View Diary: Elizabeth Warren verses Scott Brown: Who is telling the truth? (19 comments)

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  •  I don't think Scott Brown is very smart but (7+ / 0-)

    he's been well packaged and handled.  As you note, he's picked and chosen votes carefully.  But even more astute? sleazy? has been the timing of his announcing his votes.  At moments where he could have exercised some moral and practical leadership within the Republican Party on sensitive votes, he sat back and waited to see how the wind was blowing and whether his vote would count.  When it was clear that his vote wouldn't be needed to support the Republican position, he easily voted as a majority of MA citizens would have wanted.  Easy-peasy.  But  note: no leadership, no moral suasion, nothing but what would allow him to stay in the good graces of the Republicans as well as citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

    Despite being a registered Democrat--I'm an unenrolled voter who never votes Republican--, my partner has maintained a lengthy and, for the most part, civil correspondence with Brown's Senate office since Brown was elected two years ago.  Over the last few months we've received many calls from Brown's campaign asking for our support and for contributions.  I finally put an end to the solicitations.  A particularly enthusiastic young man who identified himself as being gay like me, could only sputter when I pointed out that Brown could have done more than support the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell at the last minute if he had announced that he would support the repeal well in advance of the vote.  Instead, once again, Brown waited until it was obvious that his support would be inconsequential, and that the conservatives who helped put him into office would never win, before he voted for repeal.

    That's not leadership.  That's not even leading by example.  That's crass partisan politics at it's worst.  And that sums up Scott Brown.

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