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  •  The necessary 47% (12+ / 0-)

    I volunteer in a nursing home, and whenever any rich guy starts talking about going Galt, I tell about the non-medical staff in this nursing home-- overwhelmingly African-American, paid too close to the minimum wage to be doing this for the money, compassionate and patient with their very old patients. In nursing home and assisted living centers all over the country, even in private homes, these nurses' aides and orderlies and food service workers deal directly with old people rich and poor.

    And I'm sure most of them are in the 47% Romney and his Randian Ryan scorn.  And here's what they need to know: "Without these people, YOU would be changing your mother's diapers." I'm sorry for the language, but that's the truth. You can't pay people enough to make them do that for a stranger-- they simply, truly, have compassion to spare.

    So I remember during the immigration "strike," the point was-- "Do you want to take care of your own gardens?"

    Now, for the Galtians, it's "do you want to take care of your own parents?"

    Of course, in Galtian Gulch, no one grows old, right? (Or more likely, they just shove them back into the 47% world when they get too old.)

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