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    tell that to investors who are obsessed with Fed policies that might cause inflation.  Tell it to Germany, a country wreaking havoc with the European Union, largely because they are terrified of inflation.  They would not agree that it's not a cut.

    That argument is typical from an apologist and I would place bets on at least one person on this site who will use it and probably is already using it, preferably in the first comment of the comment thread every critical diary.

    Well, one thing we know is that there are many hyperpartisan Democrats who will excuse, apologize for and support anything, and I mean anything that this party leadership does.  There is no line.  We asked for years, what is your line in the sand?  There is none.  They are really more like sports fans than anything else.  Yay for my team.  My country right or wrong. No principles whatsoever. No courage to stand up against these things except maybe for some weak objections like "well I'm going to vote for him anyway but I don't agree with all of his policies" and rarely are any specific disagreements offered and even the slightest, barest criticism is always prefaced with disclaimers about how much they love him, how he's so much better than the alternative, or how overall he's the best president in the history of the U.S.  Scary stuff.  

    Maybe, maybe if the policies start affecting their own lives, which eventually it will, they will start to see things more clearly. But as long as they are comfortable, the hell with everyone else, they've got theirs and who cares about those people in other countries whose lives are being ruined or blown up, who live in terror and for what? What did those women and children do to threaten our national security?  

    And John Brennan is still lying about the civilian casualties. Blatant lies.  But largely, the righteous Left is just fine with that.

    "Justice is a commodity"

    by joanneleon on Thu Nov 08, 2012 at 07:08:32 AM PST

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