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View Diary: The New York Times Refuses To Call It What It Is: Electoral Fraud. (75 comments)

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  •  but where's the reporting (0+ / 0-)

    Note KYrocky's point that it's not that the editorial is wrong. It is that they are not journalistically walking the talk. Where is the page one expose? Where is the reportage that would connect the dots all over the country and name this effort for what it is - a comprehensive coordinated effort to defraud the election itself.

    The Times' editorial is good as far as it goes, but as an institution at the vanguard of the fourth estate, it simply cannot continue to have it both ways. The electoral function in the USA has been under coordianted attack for years now and this absolutely needs to be addressed as such. But the gray lady, having written a good editorial, now needs to rediscover the courage it has not had since Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers.

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